NLF: I Sing The Body Holographic

[Note: From 2006. While this could be said to be New London Fire’s first album, David Debiak is also the frontman for Sleep Station. SS is mostly normal instruments while NLF has electronic elements in the music. This is a short review, no idea what I wrote it for.]

The first album by New Jersey-based New London Fire is almost like a breath of fresh air.

The album is called I Sing The Body Holographic and like the song of its namesake, its hard to categorize. Equal parts rock and pop with a dash of feeling.

I first heard of New London Fire earlier this year with their downloadable EP, A Wave Form. I immediately put their debut album on my “must get” list within seconds of hearing the first song.

From “Different,” the album opener to the last notes of “Somewhere In Between” this album shines with inspired creativity. The album itself rectified any doubt I had about this band, or the album. From the first song to the last, it’s pure fun.

Their record label, Eyeball Records, once hosted another popular New Jersey band, My Chemical Romance. Actually, the name “New London Fire” was a name MCR bassist Mikey Way threw around when coming up with the name of his own band.

This is one artist you will not regret supporting. I guarantee it.


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