Snakes on a Plane

[Note: Written in August 2006. Most likely for my college newspaper. Never published… until now]

Snakes on a Plane was touted almost as much as the Second Coming for the past 18 months, but when it finally arrived, it nearly fizzled in the box office its first week.

Yes, it was Number One, but it only raked in a paltry $15 million. The buzz indicated more.

How did this happen? The easiest answer is that the Internet was having too much fun hyping a movie with a premise such as Snakes on a Plane. It’s almost a joke. “You hear of Snakes on a Plane? No, what’s it about? Snakes… on a Plane.”

The Internet is run by a very vocal minority. A few posts on Slashdot and the local news takes it as gospel and announces that thing X is going to be awesome. Everywhere you looked online there was a picture of a snake (or snakes) on a plane or of Samuel L. Jackson yelling about how “I’ve had enough of these [Expletive Deleted] snakes on this [Expletive Deleted] plane!” Actors and famous people wore shirts depicting the famous movie in public. It was a PR director’s dream, free advertising, and lots of it.

There a myriad number of reasons that Snakes on a Plane failed to achieve the highest opening box office record since Titanic, but, the game is still on. Wherever there are planes, there will be snakes to fill them.


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