Through Mario All Things Are Possible

[Note: I wrote this, yes, but why? No idea.]

In games, we’ve all come across what we thought was an impossible challenge, that no one could ever get past a certain boss, such as Mr. Dream in Punch Out on the NES or unlocking Shen Long in Street Fighter II, it’s just not going to happen.

Aside from these, are things that seem impossible, yet happen somehow, either through mis-programed computer data or as a hidden easter egg for the astute player. The instances mentioned below actually happened and are repeatable.

For the original Super Mario Brothers game on the NES, most people know about the minus world, the hidden world in which Mario can swim for eternity with no end level castle. One day, my older brother and I were playing and found a turtle walking down the steps before the end level castle. He jumped on the turtle and it bounced off the steps repeatedly and Mario kept hitting it racking up more and more points until such time it gave out 1up after 1up. We kept amassing these 1ups until the timer hit the 30 second mark and finished the level.

When the information screen for the next level came up, it listed Mario as having teal square crown lives remaining. In the next level, my brother jumped into one of the bottomless pits and died. The screen said “Game Over.” Of course we complained, we had piles of lives. After some thinking, we figured we had “too many” lives, like the game would penalize you for obtaining too many. So, we worked back up to the same point and attempted to receive more “crowns” as we called them. This time, we ended our spree early and went to the next level. In the information screen, it said we had teal square crown lives. Upon purposely dying, it restarted the level. It showed the lives again, and this time the square changed color slightly. I don’t remember at what number it went back to actual numbers.

Years later, I tried the trick again on the Super Mario All-Stars and was able to amass the 1ups as before, though the number in the information screen wasn’t crowns, it was a number, 127.

The next “impossible” feat that I found was in Super Mario World. I played through the Star Road and after one level, another star appeared in the center of the road. I went to the star and was warped to a new area. The area was black, save for spaces for about 8 levels. In blinking lights at the top were the words “SPECIAL” to the left of it, was the four color logo of the Super Famicom in Japan. The music was a slow version of the star man theme. I went to the first level, Gnarly, and was met with a speaker box that said via text box that said few had made it that far and that completion of the whole area would yield some kind of reward. Needless to say I was excited, here was a game that somehow knew that few people had made it that far. Of course, I know now that there was no way the game would know exactly how many people had made it that far, but at the time it was too exciting to think, “Am I really one of a handful of people to find this place?”

The levels were all named with odd names, such as “Way Cool,” “Funky,” and “Groovy.” Each level was a challenge; hands down they were the toughest the game had to offer. One level was the level shown on the title screen.

Once all 8 levels were complete, another star road star was accessible. Stepping on this star sent Mario back to Yoshi’s Island home and blocks emanated from it before the game asked to save. Upon going into the nearest level, the most immediate change was that the koopa troopa shells now had Mario’s face on them.

Another thing was on the SNES version of Mario 3 in Super Mario All Stars. I had inserted a weird controller called a “Turbo Touch 360” in and tried to play with it. This controller was weird in that it did not have a directional pad, it just had a blue touch sensor that supposedly sensed your finger movements, it did not work very well. After dying in the first level, I switched to the old tried and true SNES controller and somehow in the middle of the game, I accidentally hit the Select button and Mario turned into Fire Mario, thinking I had only gotten a fire flower and didn’t see it, I tried it again and Raccoon Mario appeared. The trick still works, though I don’t see how a controller could have caused it to take effect.

I have heard however, that a Game Genie code exists that allows the same thing to happen. Please note that I did not and have never used a Game Genie or Game Shark, how a controller accessed a part of the game that a cheat device can is beyond me.

In games there’s always a way to do the impossible, you have only to find it. Keep that mindset and anything is possible, in a game or in the real world.


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