Jimmy Wang Yu Furniture Collection

[Note: I wanted to work on my press release writing skills and wrote this piece. Most, if not all, of the pieces of furniture listed are named after various Jimmy Wang Yu films.]

For years, lesser celebrities have been tapped for material for various lines of furniture and other myriad house wares, such as the John Elway football shrine and the Martha Stewart Living collection of bath towels. Not one to overlook opportunity, Rush Galleries has been commissioned to produce the Jimmy Wang Yu Furniture Collection.
Yes, Jimmy Wang Yu, star of such films as Once Upon A Time in China, Revenge of Kung Fu Mao, and others has graced us with the right to create furniture based on his extensive motion picture catalog.

Marvel with luxurious comfort with the Millionaire’s Express set, which includes the Great Hunter Recliner. Enjoy the One –Armed Swordsman TV cabinet while you and Four Real Friends Point the Finger of Death at The Man From Hong Kong.

Not one to be outdone, the Jimmy Wang Yu Furniture Collection also features kitchen accessories called the Shogun & Little Kitchen set. This set contains the Island of Fire cooking platform and A Cookbook of Birth Control.

The Jimmy Wang Yu animal containers are what really sets this collection apart from any other. This, the Tiger & Crane Fist set includes the Tiger Boy tiger containment unit. If you don’t have a Tiger, it works just as well on A Man Called Tiger or My Son even.

Surely the Jimmy Wang Yu Furniture Collection will put you a Big Leap Forward in front of your friends in the home furnishing department. Be sure to check out our store at 108 Lantern Street at the Shanghai shopping mall next door to the Tattooed Dragon.


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