The Horrible Truth Behind Xerox

Today when I got the mail in, I noticed there was a letter from ACS Education. I dislike getting letters from them as I owe them money (somewhere around $15,000 for college).

The first thing I noticed about the letter was that under the name “ACS Education” was this line “A Xerox Company” – I had never noticed that before on any other letters.

The next thing I noticed made me breath a sigh of relief: It was addressed to my younger brother.

But that made me think. Xerox, the company best known for copiers and fax machines, owns a student loan company?

Further thinking yielded less information. In college, you’re told NOT to copy, as it’s plagiarism, and they could totally kick you out of school if you do it.

Yet, once I graduated, I have to pay a company that made its name on copying.

This is crazy.


One Response to “The Horrible Truth Behind Xerox”

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