The NSA’s Turn

A few weeks ago I sent out a few letters under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act to see if several United States “three letter agencies” had any information on me. So far, the FBI was the first to reply.

Today, I got the National Security Agency’s reply. I think it scares me the most.

Right off, the NSA says “a search of our most comprehensive filing systems which include applicant, personnel, security, medical, and training was conducted pursuant to the Privacy Act. Our records reflect that you have never been affiliated with this Agency: thus, no records were located in a search of those filing systems.

Further in the letter is this: “The classified nature of the National Security Agency’s efforts prevents us from either confirming or denying the existence of intelligence records responsive to your request.”

Wow… denied. I get the feeling they deny every request for data, but geez man, that wording makes it seem like they do have information on me.


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