About a week or so ago I posted the review to the soundtrack of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete that Working Designs released along with the game in 1999.

That prompted me to revisit the game… sort of.

For the past week I’ve had in my custody a friend’s PlayStation Portable. I’ve been fixing it (I’m glad to say I did actually fix it). While checking out the PSN Store, I found that a demo for a game called Lunar: Silver Star Harmony existed.

Of course I downloaded it.

While SSH is basically a PSP version of SSSC there are several differences. Chief among them is SSSC was translated and released by Working Designs, while SSH wasn’t.

For the most part (in the amount of the game I played) everything is re-translated and all of the voice acting has been recast and re-dubbed.

I didn’t like the new voices, but then again, I’m sure that if SSSC was released today and SSH was released 11 years ago I’d feel the same, that whichever the newest one was didn’t come up to snuff on the original (and yes, I know SSSC was a remake of SSS from the Sega CD, but for the most part they reused the original voice actors).

The demo ended quite a bit before the characters make it to the town of Vane to talk to Ghaleon, one of the Four Legendary Heroes.

In SSSC, Ghaleon was my favorite character. John Truitt’s portrayal of him was spot on. I rank his Ghaleon as one of the top five video game villains.

In college I even borrowed a bit of his dialogue (and outtakes) from SSSC (and the sequel, Eternal Blue) for one of my final college projects (the skit that ended the long running story that my radio show had).

Anyway, I wanted to find out what the new Ghaleon sounded like so I went to Youtube and found a clip of New Ghaleon speaking. I can’t post it because it’s totally spoiler-rific (final battle quotes). Too bad there’s not a comparison of his first appearance in both games.

All this really made me do is feel bad that Working Designs no longer exists and that their successor company doesn’t look like it’s doing anything… they barely have a website.


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