I have a rather large backlog of books I need to review for this site including books such as Night of the Living Trekkies, Piracy, Mashed Up, US 110′ Subchasers In Action, among other things.

I am also in the process of signing up for the JET Program again this year. It’s a program for teaching English in Japan. I applied last year but wasn’t selected. I have high hopes for this year. I am also enrolled in a TEFL Course, that’s to teach English as a foreign language.

If I don’t get in this year, (and hopefully pass the Final Exam for the TEFL Course) I’ll be able to teach English anywhere, and JET is not the only game in town (but it’s currently the one I’m wanting to play). I’ve got my passport (my picture makes me look like Frankenstein’s Monster).

I’ve been working very nearly every day as a sub (10 of the last 11 school days) lately, in other words, I’m pretty busy right now. I know I can do this. I’ll try to get a few reviews up this weekend and possibly a piece I’ve been wanting to do for a while.


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