Subchasers in Action

Due to the subject matter and my attachment to it, this is not a review.

The “In Action” series of books isn’t “in action” per se, it’s mostly images of a type of craft from conception to building to when they start rolling off the assembly lines.

They’re popular with war gamers and as such are typically found in comic book shops and similar locations.

This book, while I found it in a comic shop in town, well, the history goes deeper than “I found this in a comic shop.”

The following picture hangs on my wall:

Now compare it to the picture at the top of this post. Very similar, eh? It’s the same ship.

To me, when I saw the SC 699 on the cover, that right there was enough to make me buy this book. I would have bought it even if that ship wasn’t on it.

My grandfather served on it.

I bought the book, read through it and learned a lot more about sub chasers than I did before. I had no idea about the painting scheme being called either Measure 12, Measure 21, or Measure 22.

After reading it and finding that the author says his father served on this ship, well, the first thought I had was “Had I found him already?” Over the past few years I’ve been trying to find people who served on this ship. I found about five or six of them. They’re a great bunch of guys.

Turns out I had spoken to the author before, back in 2007. I found an old email thread we had sent back and forth. This is one reason why I never delete emails, you never know when they’ll be handy.

Publisher’s website
Author’s website


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