Fried Chicken & Sushi

While fried chicken and sushi are among my favorite foods (okay, so I try to stay away from some of the hardcore varieties of sushi), Fried Chicken & Sushi is a rather new webcomic series I’ve been getting into.

The story is about Karl and his struggles in the English Learning Friends Program teaching English in Japan. So far there have been 59 strips and Karl has yet to actually teach English, which is something that has to factor into the story at some point. So far it’s setting up the story, introducing characters.

Sometimes the comic bounces back to Karl’s friend back in the US, J, who is sad that he didn’t get picked to be in the ELF Program. J is a Martial Artist Arts Fighter and video game designer. I’d actually like to read more about that character.

Oh, and before people start piling in telling me it’s “Martial Artist” here, please click here.

I can’t wait to see how this series progresses.

Official FC&S website.


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