Killjoy Parade

Four years ago on October 24, 2006, it was four days past my birthday and had also been four days since I’d started my new job, the job I still have today: Substitute teacher.

That day I subbed as a science teacher in a middle school. It’s odd that I remember that day so exactly. Well, I don’t remember the lesson, but I do remember the school and the classroom.

That was also the day My Chemical Romance released their third album, The Black Parade. I’d made plans that day to finish my gig at the school at the appointed time then head out to Target and pick up the album.

I knew Wal-Mart, which was closer to my home (and didn’t involve driving in the opposite direction) wouldn’t have the album due to their moratorium on albums with a Parental Advisory on the label. In the whole album there was probably only one or two “bad words” in there, but most likely it was due to the “violent lyrics” – a few months later they had a clean version on the shelves.

Tomorrow, November 22nd, their next album is due to be released, and just like that last time, I’m going to pick it up after my gig is done.

But this post isn’t about censorship or even, really, My Chemical Romance. It’s about time. How have things changed in the past 49 months.

Fifty-one months ago I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, ready and willing to take on the world. At the time, a friend recommended I try to become a substitute teacher, easy hours, no work every day, a job to work while I tried to find other jobs as it were.

I’m still a substitute, I’d love to know what the average longevity of a sub is here and see how close I am to it, but I digress.

In 2006 a shopping center called the St. Johns Town Center had recently opened and another shopping center, the River City Market Place opened about two years ago.

That shopping center is a bit smaller than the Town Center, but has a movie theater and a Best Buy, the place I will obtain the new MCR album at tomorrow.

Hopefully next year things will be better. I am hoping to be teaching in another country before MCR releases their fifth album.


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