New London Fire

I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about New London Fire and their latest album, “Happiness Through Radios and Wires.”

But, the story doesn’t start with NLF. It (sort of) starts with My Chemical Romance. A long time ago, MCR was on the record label, Eyeball Records, along with New London Fire and a few others (fun fact: New London Fire was actually one of the names Mikey Way came up with for the band that later became My Chemical Romance). David Debiak, singer, songwriter, frontman, for New London Fire asked Way if he could use the name. Obviously he agreed.

The way I first found out about New London Fire was I first became a My Chemical Romance fan and bought their album, “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” – and later found that this was their second album. I later went and found their first album, albeit, in a special two-disc set. The second disc featured a few songs from other Eyeball Records artists, no doubt an attempt to sway fans of MCR back to Eyeball for a few more albums (by this time MCR had jumped ship to Warner).

After giving the MCR album a listen, I listened to the Eyeball disc. I later found my returning to two particular songs by a band called New London Fire.

I loved David Debiak’s singing style and the electronic-ness of the music. It wasn’t fully electric, but it was there. I bought that album.

Over the years I was sad that there wasn’t any new New London Fire to listen to other than that one album. Fortunately I have control of the Internet. Within a few minutes, I found that Mr. Debiak had another band, Sleep Station. So I bought their album “The Pride of Chester James.”

This album was great. It was kind of folky, with no, or next to no, electronic elements.

At this time I figured the following:

New London Fire = Electronic-ish
Sleep Station = Folky-ish

Even more later, I found that New London Fire was on Facebook… and advertising a new album. I friended and waited patiently for the new album to arrive.

And when it did (autographed by David Debiak, no less!) I found out that the new album, Happiness Through Radios and Wires, had a style all of its own. And it was good.

One thing that I never figured out was why did New London Fire decide to release this album independently? It doesn’t matter anyhow, it’s a great album by a great band.

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