I don’t usually review games on here, but this game isn’t your average game.

Sure it plays like a game, looks like a game, has game-like elements and all that, but this game is too freaky and crazy to be a mere game.

In this game, your character, Junpei, is kidnapped by a mysterious gasmask wearing individual named ZERO, along with eight other people and trapped in the bottom of a boat, the Gigantic, a sister ship of the ill-fated Titanic.

In order to flee the ship, alive, the captives have to work together to solve various puzzles and find keys and keycards used to open doors and elevators to move closer to the exit.

Throughout the game though, there’s reference to weird esoteric theories and paradoxes such as the Morphic Field theory (commonly referred to ask the collective unconscious) and the Locke’s Socks paradox.

Both are freaky weird. At first I thought they were made up things for the game story, but I checked anyway, and found that both are real, in so far as they have Wikipedia pages.

Aside from all of the science (or pseudoscience), this is a great game.


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