Where to begin with Durarara?

This anime is based on a light novel series by Ryohgo Narita, the same person who wrote the Baccano light novel series (the anime for Baccano was reviewed
here back in August 2010).

Like Baccano before it, Durarara focuses on a large cast of misfits. In this series the misfits all live in one timeline (thankfully) in the town of Ikebukuro, Japan.

So far, this review is based on the first five episodes (of a 24 episode series). The story tends to bounce around to several different characters.

The action tends to center around two characters. One, is a high school student named Mikado Ryūgamine. His name must be something of an oddity as several characters inquire as to whether or not it’s his real name.

The other character is even more of an oddity. The Black Rider is a person clad in black that rides a black motorcycle. The only color in their outfit is their yellow helmet. What’s more, is the rider has no head. Where their head should be there’s only a black mist rising from the neck.

A Russian guy, a few more high school students, a mafia doctor, several gang members, and some, well, really strong people round out the cast. There might be more characters lurking in the shadows, and the opening animation sequence does a good job of not only introducing the characters, but also serves as the previous episode’s recap.

One highlight appeared in episode 3 where the volume 1 DVD cover of Baccano appeared as a poster on a building. I’m still hoping that one or two Baccano characters actually show up. Even though Baccano took place in the 1930s, half of those characters are immortal.

This series is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Everyone either likes or hates the English dub of an anime, this series has a good dub, though I’ve not had a chance to hear the Japanese version.

The dub cast is:

Celty Sturluson : Kari Wahlgren
Mikado Ryugamine:Darrel Guilbeau
Masaomi Kida:Bryce Papenbrook
Anri Sonohara:Michelle Ruff
Izaya Orihara:Johnny Yong Bosch
Shizuo Heiwajima:Crispin Freeman
Shinra Kishitani:Yuri Lowenthal
Kyohei Kadota:Steve Blum
Walker Yumasaki:Brian Beacock
Erika Karisawa:Mela Lee
Saburo Togusa : Spike Spencer
Seiji Yagiri:David Earnest
Namie Yagiri:Bridget Hoffman
Simon:Patrick Seitz

I’m familiar with half of those cast members. Yuri Lowenthal is in absolutely everything today.


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