Technological Slavery

Right off, I probably should make it known that the author of this book, Theodore Kaczynski, is the UNABOMBER. He was arrested back in the 90s for the deaths of three people and the injury of 23 more.

One of the things that lead to his capture was his insistence that the New York Times, and a few other news outlets publish his “manifesto” – Industrial Society & Its Future.

I, like many people, read this manifesto. While mailing letter bombs to people and threatening to send more isn’t the wisest way to make your ideas known, he did raise some interesting points.

This book collects a revised version of that manifesto, several other scholarly articles written by Kaczynski (while in jail) and his replies to people’s letters.

The problem with Mr. Kaczynski’s writings is that many people dismiss his ideas as being the ramblings of a mentally ill person, but that’s not the case. Every thing that Mr. Kaczynski states is backed up, and in the few things he can’t 100% verify, he makes known what he does know.

Like some Anarcho-Primitivists, Mr. Kaczynski states that the future of industrial society will be its inevitable catastrophic collapse. To this end, he advocates society to cast off the yoke of industrial society and return to hunter-gatherer type societies.

I actually took note of several items I would like more information on and actually mailed Mr. Kaczynski a letter asking for clarification. I do not know if he’ll reply, but I’m hopeful. If he does reply, I’ll write about the reply here.

In all, this was a great book. It took a bit longer than usual for me to read it, but that’s only because it was so engrossing.

Feral House page for this book.


4 Responses to “Technological Slavery”

  1. Did he reply? =)

    • Bradley Hall Says:

      Yes, actually he did. He’s got nothing but time on his hands. I probably should upload his reply here one day… and respond to him.

      • Spootng Fugle Says:

        yo I just got this book… Ironically enough from Kaczynski is a fascinating writer and I would love to see his response to you, if you do decide to upload it.

      • Bradley Hall Says:

        You know, I really should. The demand is obviously there (or here). I’ve received two letters from him (the one the post was about and one I received recently). I have a third letter out and I’m anxious to see what he says in that one’s reply.

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