The Price of Everything

I recently acquired a copy of “The Price of Everything” by Eduardo Porter.

In it, he talks about “price” – not just in a monetary sense, but in a time and effort sense. Such as why do stores keep organic foods separate from the regular foods? And why do churches that demand the largest donations and bigger time commitments have faster growing memberships than those that do not?

He states that prices are everywhere, there’s a price on the present, there’s a price on the future, a price on women, a price on the elderly, a price on culture.

This book is similar to the Freakonomics series in that an economist is using the same kind of principles to explain things that most people do not think about.

Author’s website blog.


2 Responses to “The Price of Everything”

  1. Interesting. I have yet to read Frekinomics, however I think we shall have to do a book trade of sorts, as I have recently acquired my copy of Reality Hunger.

  2. Bradley Hall Says:

    I’m not loaning my copy of Freakonomics.

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