The Unabomber replied

Friday when I arrived home, I found a letter addressed to me from “U.S. PENITENTIARY MAX” in Florence, Colorado.

It was from Theodore John Kaczynski. The Unabomber.

I had made contact and he responded to that contact.

I had mentioned in my letter that I wasn’t a fan of how he chose to get Industrial Society And Its Future published. He replied that he was damn tired of hearing people say that, and did I feel obligated to express disapproval of the methods used to win WWII.

He referred me to several books and articles, which I will read before I reply to him. He did mention a book called The Shallows by Nicholas Carr. I have ordered that book and it should be here before the end of the week. It will be reviewed here.

The man is very well educated and it’s a shame he had to resort to such drastic measures to get his views known. Now people view him as a sociopath and a crackpot.


One Response to “The Unabomber replied”

  1. I guess that is the price one has to pay for thinking far too ahead. It is a catch-22 situation, if you want to think way beyond you have take the risks. The society will definitely retaliate, but you have to persevere. And again this kind of thing is like the critical starting point of an avalanche or may the fluttering of wing of a butterfly which causes the storm (Chaos Theory). People persecuted for thinking beyond the social norms are way too many. Examples are in-numerous. From Galileo to Wilde to even Benoit Mandelbrot. Society wants the easiest answers, labeling him a sociopath is much easier than understanding the complex problem. And again when we hold someone like him responsible for his actions, we have to ask if we are really holding others (like Warren Anderson, BP Execs). Our laws are as lame and hypocritical as us, if not lamer or more hypocritical, after we make them isn’t it. Can it be any different ? And the shame is really on the society than just him.. ?

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