My dad’s letter to the president

My dad just sent a message to President Obama. I have it pasted below:

Dear Mr. President:

I, like so many other Americans are disgusted with your term in office.

You promised us real change. We’ve had no real change. Everything is the same status quo.

The government is screwed up. The economy is screwed up. The country is screwed up. The world is screwed up.

Everything I hear coming out of Washington DC is such a bunch of bull. Everyone’s talking about 14 million Americans being out of work.

That’s only the ones still on unemployment benefits. The real number is probably 30 million. The difference being the ones who have run out of benefits.

Many people are like my wife who has been out of work for over two years, or like my two sons with college degrees who can’t find full-time employment.

This is crazy. We’re the United States of Damn America. And I’m sure a lot of people out there besides me are just getting plain fed up.

We sit here and watch us get into ANOTHER war in the Mid-East. Enough money was spent over there in Libya in a week that could have extended unemployment benefits for all those still out of work for at least six months.

The people in Libya will probably hate us when it’s all over anyway. Besides, everything I’m hearing, it seems like we don’t know who is really running things over there. We may be helping Al Qaeda or Hammas, we don’t really know, do we?

So the rest of us who are still working are dribbling away our life’s savings just trying to maintain while everything gets worse.

I know you probably won’t even read this, it’ll probably be read by someone you pay to read this, if it even gets read at all. Writing this letter was probably a waste of time, just like my voting has been for the last several years.

I’m 56-years-old and I’m not voting any more, I don’t see it as being something that helps a damn thing.

But I’ll bet you an ice cold beer that you won’t be president for the next go around, and that’s a shame because I thought you were really trying.

Good luck to you Mr. Obama, and God bless,

Nigel B. Hall


One Response to “My dad’s letter to the president”

  1. stackhouse Says:

    I can relate to the frustration of that letter. But I wonder is it not the political system, rather than the individual elected, that gives rise to the impossibility of change? i.e. senate/congress stalemates etc.

    We have the same thing in the U.K., though much of the halt-grinding is played out via the press — and the public opinion it attempts to form against change (one way or another).

    Democracy, by it’s own doing, seems to have stunted progression.

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