What are you?

To me, one of the hardest questions I’ve ever been asked is “What do you do?”

Clearly the asker is seeking to find out what my vocation is, that is, my job. But the thing is, currently I don’t have any one thing I can list and say “That’s my job, that’s what I do.” As though a person could be pigeon-holed into one, little thing, like “I’m a baker” – meaning the person can’t possibly do or be anything else, it’s as though he lives to bake bread or cakes. Or cookies. I like cookies.

Anyway, right off, I’m a substitute teacher, that’s what you could say I do for money. But then, there’s so much more than that.

I write for various magazines, though not much, I get published maybe once per year, but that’s cool, every little bit helps.

I’m also a politician. I’m the former leader of the USPP and am currently involved in the Florida Pirate Party, of which I am Vice-Chairman.

That’s about all for my major things. I also read, listen to music, watch films, etc, there is a lot of things I do.


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