Concert in the City

As some of you know, when I went to Arizona last April I saw a concert consisting of Powerglove, Mutiny Within, and Sonata Arctica. You can read about that exploit here:

Anyway, yesterday I saw another concert, this time in my own actual hometown. It was an incredibly geeky affair consisting of Danimal Cannon, Brentalfloss, Random Encounter, The OneUps, and The Protomen.

While I had heard of every band in the lineup before the night of the concert, I was primarily there to see Brentalfloss and the OneUps. I’ve been a fan of the OneUps for around ten years, back when the band was called the OneUp Mushrooms.

Anyway, the concert was great. Every band performed flawlessly. I was worried about there being drunken regulars at the venue, but everyone there was as big of a geek as I am, so I wasn’t entirely worried about being assaulted by drunks or anything.

The venue, Jack Rabbits, is a place I’ve heard about often but had never visited. A friend of mine frequents the place as a performer so I asked for his input before I set off, and frankly, the place is about 1/3rd the size of U.B.’s Bar, the place in Mesa, AZ I visited last year.

In all it was awesome, there was not a single band that I wished would leave the stage for other bands and when a band left the stage, I was sad because each band kicked ass.

I’ll not post video of any of the groups that performed, but I will post images of the show below. If anyone posts videos of this particular night on YouTube, I’ll definitely make a post about them. I tried to take video with my camera, but it’s old and sucky and the sound and video did not work right. The world MUST listen to the awesome weirdness that is the Pokemon Theme Song Mad Lib: Jacksonville Edition, and I know someone out there had to have filmed it (I tried but as I said, my camera sucks).

Danimal Cannon was the first act, he’s normally with the group ArmCannon (Can you feel the Mega Man love with most of these names?). His solo show is something to behold. Dude plays guitar while a customized GameBoy spews out awesomeness.

Brentalfloss served as host for the show and also performed a few of his own songs (as well as the Mad Lib). He was a great guy all around. He autographed my Mega Man E-Tank (he’s often shown as being Mega Man with a bald head in artwork, an example of which is below). My friend Thomas and I managed to talk to him for a few minutes during the show while he wasn’t hosting and he said he enjoyed what little of Jacksonville he saw and that he had a burrito and it was good. He also posed for a picture with us which you will see below. Brentalfloss’ thing is singing lyrics to video game music that did not originally have lyrics. He performed three songs, his Tetris song, and two Super Mario Brothers songs, though one was a parody of a Little Mermaid song.

Next was Random Encounter. They kicked ass. Literally. Their music was rocking and energetic and they had style. I bought both of their albums. I had them autograph one of them. Below you will pictures of them performing their set. Their accordion player, who I believe is also the leader of the band jumped down into the crowd and played the accordion as part of one of their songs. I met up with the band members after their set and got pictures taken with two members and pictures of the other two members.

They ended their set with Take On Me, not a cover, they proclaim. A-Ha traveled through time thirty years and stole it from them.

After Random Encounter was the OneUps. I brought two albums of theirs I owned before the show with the intention of getting them autographed. I did. And then I bought their latest album, Intergalactic Redux, but didn’t have them autograph that, I mean, they did the other two, know what I mean? Didn’t want to annoy them too much. Their set was great. For each song they dedicated it to a random person in the audience or to something like “practicing making babies” or “to all women” before one song the dedication making dude looked around for a new dedication. I was in front and raised my hand and the dude pointed at me and said “The bearded man in the front row.” I heard a few other people comment that my beard was a great example of a manly beard. “My song” turned out to be a Legend of Zelda piece, it was awesome. One thing I liked about the OneUps set was that when they performed a song, they had video of that game displaying behind them.

Lastly was The Protomen. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to listen to their entire set as I had to jet, but they rocked. I loved their WWII reminiscent poster, so I bought that, for $5. I would have loved to have them autograph it, but wasn’t able to. Their style is based on the premise that before Mega Man took out Dr. Wily, the land was an oppressive one and that Protoman tried to defeat Wily, but was defeated and that Mega Man, his younger robot brother, tried to continue the fight. All of their music has a distopian flair to it. Before they began their set, a man in a metal mask addressed the crowd and announced that it had been a year since the Protomen had been to Jacksonville and that they were bringing the fight back.

In all it was a great, great, show and these words on this blog do not explain that enough.


As I’ve been writing this, I’ve checked YouTube for videos from the show since I know several people filmed it and lo and behold, here’s the first posting someone has done.

Edit two: I’ve found videos from just about every band that performed that night, I FINALLY found one by Danimal Cannon.

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