Entry for Mercury Men Contest

For those who don’t know, Mercury Men is a great Sci-Fi serial that is chugging along being awesome. They are having a contest to design a digital prop for the show. Since I suck at creating things of a digital nature, my entry is a description of an item that would rock.

My entry:

My idea for a prop is actually several props that combine to form one prop.

A seemingly normal set of items anyone would have on them, like a watch, keychain, cuff links, ring, tie clip, rank/insignia/service ribbons, etc.

Items that by themselves are just items of a decorative fashion. Items that anyone frisking the wearer would just ignore, how are they going to break out of their prison hold or whatever with a watch?

Ah, that’s where the hidden features come in. The watch is really the central mechanism for a small futuristic gun, like a Derringer, good for firing only one or two energy blasts.

The jewel in the ring is the power source, it clicks into the back of the watch. a small tube on the keychain could be the barrel. The metal holding the ribbons in place, or a piece of insignia or badge could contain the trigger.

The cuff links, when combined are an excellent lock pick.

These should be enough to get anyone out of a sticky situation.


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