I Am Maru

I, like many people discovered Maru on YouTube after being prodded to do so by a friend, a television show, or just through random happenstance. He has appeared in over a hundred videos on YouTube and now has a book out. As far as Internet celebrities go, Maru is the king.

We were hooked by this cat. He slides into boxes, slides across the floor, plays with toys, sleeps, etc. He basically does all of the good things about owning a cat, and what’s more is we don’t have to feed him or change his litter box. It’s awesome!

In that regard, Maru is our cat. Whether or not you can own a cat or if Maru somehow reminds you of a cat you used to own, Maru belongs to the world.

To further that, mugumogu, Maru’s owner, is noticeably absent in all of Maru’s videos. Of course there’s a hand here or there, but there’s no speaking and no things. Nothing other than the boxes the cat jumps in or a couch or a few other props are ever visible in these films.

By taking herself out of the films, it furthers the “Maru is the world’s cat” idea.

In case you have no idea who/what Maru is, please look at this video. I will be here when you get back.

Okay. I’ll wait while you watch more of his videos.

Back yet?

Okay, well, as you can see, Maru is joy itself. And that’s what this book is. Maru’s owner, mugumogu, has released a picture book of Maru pictures. Some of these are stills made from the various videos of Maru, but others are totally new photos.

In that regard, this book rocks. It acts as a kind of biography of Maru from when he was a kitten to him today, or at least to when the book was written (I’ve heard a second book was recently released in Japan).

Rock on Maru, rock on.


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