Nodal Points

Hidden in the rarely seen, often missed, corners of the Internet lies a website I first encountered several years ago. It is and contains only a few orange words on a black background. In their entirety, they read as follows:

According to Laney, last time we had one like this was 1911.
Can you see them?
If you can, contact us.
You will know how.
Help us direct them to positive ends.

Of course, there is no contact information. To find that, I did a WHOIS search.

In 2006, I sent an email to the address given. No response came back. In 2008, I sent again. Still nothing. Again in 2010 I queried. Silence.

Before I first found that site, it was shortly after I read William Gibson’s Bridge Trilogy of books.

I’m reasonably sure that text was due to those books. An exchange similar to that above takes place in All Tomorrow’s Parties.

Why write a website and then ignore all those who find it? There’s more to do on Zombocom.


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