The Emergency Room

I’m a big fan of Alkaline Trio. It’s one of my favorite bands in the whole world. Seriously.

If there’s one thing I DON’T like about Alkaline Trio it’s that Dan Andriano only sings lead vocals on one or two songs per album. I took all of the songs Dan sang and compiled them into a CD-R so I could listen to my favorite member’s music.

The Alkaline Trio Facebook page was full of fans clamoring for Dan to release a solo album. It’s been in the making for a year or more.

Finally, the album has been released, and it was worth it.

Don’t believe me? Listen to this song from the album.

Beautiful isn’t it?

It’s so simple, no hard rock sounds, just a dude, a guitar, sometimes a piano. It’s peaceful. It’s calming. Dan doesn’t yell or shout, he has a message, a story, he wants you to hear it, to understand it.

I don’t really know what else I can say about this record. I really love this record. I even got the special set that came with a T-shirt and an autographed copy of the album.


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