Some Remarks

I recently read Some Remarks by Neal Stephenson, the guy who wrote Snow Crash and Reamde, both reviewed elsewhere in this website.

Some Remarks is, like William Gibson’s recent Distrust That Particular Flavor, a collection of short fiction and articles written for Wired and other publications.

One article is a crazy piece of writing. A one hundred page article for Wired about laying fiber optic cables from the UK to Japan and all the crazy international hurdles and boundaries and laws that had to be observed in order for this to be done.

While the fiber optic wires are probably a thing of the past, the amount of technological know-how to be able to put thousands of miles of cable into the ocean deep enough to not get damaged and into the ground and skirted around a country’s infrastructure, is amazing to behold. It must have cost Wired thousands of dollars for this article to be written.

The rest of the articles and short stories are awesome crazy stories about the kind of thing we all like Neal for already so if you’re Neal fan, you’ll dig it. If you’re not, check it out, it’s a great starting place, once you read this you can dive into his other books, which usually exceed a thousand pages.


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