Back To Work


I recently went to a massive book sale. Over the course of the Summer, the books I obtained that day (and a few others) will be reviewed here.

The first book to be reviewed is this book, Back to Work by former US President, Bill Clinton.

It’s pretty short at around 200 pages.

Inside, Mr. Clinton talks about how great the country was when he was President and that we were on track to pay off the national debt in the foreseeable future.

Then during the eight years after he left office, something happened, and that isn’t going to happen anymore. He’s not blaming anyone, things happen. But, he’s got a plan.

Mr. Clinton has a few items that, if the country does them, will come out of the recession and be back on top soon. Of course, Mr. Clinton is a realist. He knows that the country isn’t going to do everything he’s asking, and he can’t run for a third term. But, just putting the ideas out there he calls on the citizens of this nation to help get these programs and other ideas started. Whether by fronting the money for an XPRIZE-like thing, or possibly talking to your senator or congressman or governor (or President).

All of the ideas he lists are feasible and could quickly put people back to work, which is one thing sorely needed in this country. Quite a few of his ideas are about clean energy initiatives. Whether you believe in global warming or not, clean energy would definitely be a good thing for the planet. If we can build sustainable hydro-electric plants, wind power turbines, and solar panels, and figure out a way to power cars and things with them, we could cut our dependence on foreign oil.

In the end, this was a great book. I liked Mr. Clinton more after reading it.

One plan I’ve always thought that would increase jobs would be to digitize the national archives. It would put many people to work in nearly every state, and, because digital archives are easily saved and copied, we could have a safety net against fire, which is paper’s greatest enemy. Even if one archives place burned down, as long as we have those archives saved digitally, we’d still have those archives.


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