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Honey and Clover (Box 1)

Posted in Book Reviews with tags , on August 12, 2010 by Bradley Hall

This is one of a handful of titles I have, for one reason or another, have forgotten to review on this site.

This is Box 1 (of 3) of the uncut Honey & Clover anime. It contains episodes 1-13 (of a total of 38 episodes for the who series).

Box 1 starts with YĆ«ta Takemoto as a second year art student in college. He has a friend who has been in college for six years and is in danger of having to be a college student for yet another year.

The series, at least in these 13 episodes seem to be that this is a group of friends. The main plot points so far point to them hanging out and trying to make good grades, etc, and of course, they all try to fall in love with someone.

This is only the first 13 episodes, and there are 25 more to go, but right now, I’m not really feeling the love with this series. I don’t really know why. I will give the rest of the series a chance to see if it grows on me, but right now, it’s not one of my favorite series.

Good news is, the entire series is available on Hulu. It’s only available subtitled though, which is good for me, since I only watched the series subtitled anyway.

Hulu page
Official website from Viz